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"Trail running this last Sunday in the Santa Cruz Mountains in rainy/muddy Los Gatos, California, wearing my Moxie ankle/shin gators. Ran past a 10 year-old neighbor who exclaimed, "Dude! What are those? They are bullet-proof!" Thanks Moxie Gear, for keeping stuff out of my shoes and for 10 year-old street cred!" Erik Panu


"4 hours of busting heavy bush North of Adelaide while reconning for the SA SUCK with my new Moxie gear. They worked great and not one snake bite. Thanks Darren Clarke!" Joe Decker from Gut Check


"5 states, 7wks, 5 events, 60hrs, 200plus kilometres covered and my fave pink #moxiegaiters travelled with me to each and every location. We were faced with shin butting river walks, leeches, kangaroo ticks, bull ants, shin butting cane toads and even the odd snake sighting, along with lots of off trail adventures. Washing up beautifully after each race, my gaiters kept my shins and calfs protected, not one mark, bruise or scratch. Thanks Moxie GearDarren Clarke for such an awesome piece of gear and your continued support of my crazy adventure" Maryanne Eve


"I used my shin gaiters today at Suck It Up Buttercup and everyone wanted to know where I got them :) Thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. Jacinda Hammer Hazell"


"Thanks so much for the Gaiters. They worked perfectly. They saved my legs massively from getting shredded to pieces.I have already recommended to few mates doing some events."


"Absolutely love them!!! I've used them for several OCRs and a very muddy ultramarathon and they were life savors."


"I love them. they are the absolute golden combination of toughness & comfort :)"


"I have Moxie Gear ankle gaiters and love them. I use them for coastal and mountain hikes when I know there will be sand/ leaches but good tracks. Have been looking at getting the full set to replace the Sea to Summit gaiters that I'm currently using for rogaining."


"They are awesome and saved my shins many times over!"


"Love em! I did tear my gaiters on a stick during an ultra quite soon after getting them but it was the sketchy bit and I could stil use em."


"I have had a pair for a couple of years and really like them. Never had an issue with anything scratching or poking through the front layer."


"I race OCR in them, and they've been a godsend, protecting my shins like nothing on earth! Very lightweight, and almost like I'm not wearing nothikng at all."


"I only own the ankle gaiters...they are awesome and keep dirt and stuff out of my shoes"


"I love the gaitors, I wear in all my adventure races. I have the ankle part and the shin part and these days I tend to just wear the shin part, I love these"


"I own a pair of ankle gaiters and wore them at last year's World's Toughest Mudder in Vegas. I happily ran past all the people who had stopped to clear the gravel and sand out of there shoes. Nothing got into mine thanks to the gaiters."


"Hey, no blood on my shins and didn't have to remove my shoes for debris once which is pretty awesome."


"I love them to death darren, but I think the top tie needs to be different, I actually pulled mine out. Don't race without them though, best thing ever."


"Love moxie gear gaiters have used them rogaining, orienteering and in adventure races, great way of stopping the scratches from bush bashing while being flexible enough to run and cycle."


"I use them for rope climbs in the gym and they are very protective of shins. Also very light which is great when wearing them in workouts."


"Overall love Moxie gaiters. They are lightweight, breath well and the high calf gaiters provide good protection from battering."


"So good on the ropes. Don't even feel them."


"I love my moxies, they have truely saved my shins from so many bruises. I just wish I got them sooner :)"


"I got ankle gators and I use them at all events and it saves all those annoying stones getting in my shoes.. From muddy hell I learnt that I should where shin guards and some sort of knee protection. "


"I used a pair of the moxie gators at the recent true grit enduro. I had no time to train with them prior to the event and they performed fantastically. They were so comfortable, flexible and offered brilliant protection throughout. At no time did they impede or cause me any concerns."


"Absolutely love my current Moxies, and I wear them for all my OCRs, from sprint to marathon distances."


"Great value for money. Don't know you're even wearing them. Don't use the upper draw string. Have taken that out. Used to bang up my shins pretty good. Don't have that problem anymore. Great product. Well done to you Darren."


"Love love love them i cant wait to get a set in the correct size and red so i can stop painting my existing ones. detailed review to follow soon from AUSORCs 3 members that have used them."


"Love my moxie gaiters!"


"I used this product which was lent by a mate. The materials was strong enough to prevent wear and tear specially during the rope traverse. It's also good the protect the shins when running in rugged terrain."


"My gaiters are great for running and riding, I use all the time!"


"It's nice kit, Daz. Gaiters have been hassle free...will be using them at Survival Run :)"


"Love the black and color two toned gaiters! Every pair I sell, my customers love them and now will not do OCR without them!!"


"Have your original style and still can't believe how comfortable they are, don't even realise you have them on:-)"


"In a nutshell these gaiters are the perfect short-course gaiter.  How they go for expedition length racing is something I’ll write about after GodZone.."


"At the end of 4 hours of fairly heavy bush bashing they pulled up ready for round two with only a few cosmetic scratches. 

Team iAdventure, gear review"


"Absolutely love mine , I have big calves and struggle to get them on, but when on I feel and move great - I no longer fear 30 inch burpee box jumps - good work guys"

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