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Jenny Enderby:  Orienteering, Adventure Racing
Home town: Newcastle NSW

Favorite race/achievement: My 6 podiums at World Championships.

Orienteering 1 Silver, 3 Bronze

Rogaining 1 Sliver

Duathlon 1 Bronze
Toughest moment in a race: The Australian 3 Day Orienteering Champs at Wagga this year when I was sick with my Crohn's Disease and had to race 3 days straight, but still managed to win overall by only 10 seconds.

Hot tips to newcomers: Orienteering has courses for all levels, starting from very easy to hard. As your navigation skills improve you can progress through to the harder courses.  Be patient, take your time and learn the required skills, Orienteering is a great family sport that everyone can be involved in. Walking with children with a map is a great way to learn together. Age groups start at 10 years and range all the way up to 90 years, sometimes 95 and 100.


Amanda 'PINKY" Neil,
Obstacle racer,
Home town: Brampton, Ontario Canada
Favorite race: Worlds Toughest Mudder
Favorite obstacle: I love so many of them... Love all the mud, Monkey Bars, Liberator...
Dislike obstacle: Electroshock Therapy & Artic Enema
Hot tip for newcomers:Train hills, run outside, make friends along the way because people who run OCR are the best kind of people, have fun and always smile.

Laura Newton - Obstacle racer, Crossfit athlete

Jase Lydom, Owner of Geelong Boxing and Obstacle Racing
Obstacle racer
Home town: Geelong
Favorite race: World’s Toughest Mudder (it will be my 4 this year)
Favorite obstacle: Spartan Stadium Race 300 (15 obstacles in 300metres)
Dislike obstacle: Electroshock Therapy
Hot tip for newcomers: Train outdoors. Put as much variety into your training as possible. Run, jump, push, pull, carry, climb, drag, and crawl.  Push your limits. Most importantly, have fun.

Jase Lydom - Obstacle racer

Deanna Blegg
Obstacle racer, Adventure racer, Crossfit athlete
Home town: Christmas Hills Vic
Favorite race: World’s Toughest Mudder
Favorite obstacle: Slippery slide
Dislike obstacle: ELECTRIC SHOCK!!
Hot tip for newcomers: Wear Moxie Gaiters

Deanna Blegg - Obstacle racer, Adventure racer, Crossfit athlete

Kate Barsby, Owner of No Excuses Boot Camp
Obstacle racer
Home town: Bendigo
Favorite race: Spartan ultra-beast (specifically Ivory’s rock)
Favorite obstacle: Ooh so hard to choose I love them all! Anything with mud and I love the monkey bars to rings to monkey bars. The new Spartan 300 was pretty amazing too!! 
Dislike obstacle: Spear throw grrrrrr! Actually most disliked obstacle is the electric shock. I forgot about it haha
Hot tip for newcomers: Tips for newcomers - run, climb, crawl, jump, smile and have fun smile emoticon.

Kate Barsby - Obstacle racer

Gary Baker
Obstacle racer
Home town: Hatton Vale,  Qld
Favorite race: Spartan
Favorite obstacle: Monkey bars and rings anything grip strength based
Dislike obstacle: Ice bath!!!!!
Hot tip for newcomers: Just give it a crack, and have fun

Gary Baker - Obstacle racer

Janet Ann Smith

Obstacle racer

Home town: Margaret River WA

Favorite race: Spartan (Beast distance)

Favorite obstacle: 8ft Walls (anything high, I love to jump)

Dislike obstacle: Anything with COLD water

Hot tip for newcomers: Get a friend and JUST DO a race, help and encourage each other. Oh and the inexpensive Moxie Gaiters will make your experience so much nicer and give you confidence in tackling obstacles when you're  not worrying about banging up your legs

Janet Ann Smith - Obstacle racer

Luke Atkins 

Obstacle racer

Home town: Sunbury Vic

Favorite race: World’s Toughest Mudder

Favorite obstacle: King of the Swingers

Dislike obstacle: Artic enema

Hot tip for newcomers: 1. Have the right gear so that you can perform at your best and safely and HAVE FUN!!

Luke Atkins - Obstacle racer

Maryanne Eve

Obstacle racer

Home town: Kinglake, Vic

Favorite race: True Grit 24hr Obstacle Enduro

Favorite obstacle: Sandbag carry or any other kind of weighted carry

Dislike obstacle: Spear throw

Hot tip for newcomers: Get some running kms under your belt, you don't have to do a lot of running but a little will help. Get strong, upper body strength for obstacles such as monkey bars and walls is essential and most importantly don't take the race too seriously, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Maryanne Eve - Obstacle racer

Tony Curtis

Obstacle racer

Home town: Lismore Qld

Favorite race: Spartan

Favorite obstacle: Sand bag carry

Dislike obstacle: Toblerones

Hot tip for newcomers: Consistent training will get results

Tony Curtis - Obstacle racer

Amanda Steidle, owner Turbo Superfoods

Obstacle racer

Home town: Melbourne

Favorite race: Spartan Race

Favorite obstacle: Monkey bars

Dislike obstacle: Long swims

Hot tip for newcomers: Have fun - makes training and racing enjoyable and something to look forward to

Amanda Steidle - Obstacle racer

Laura Newton, U know how much I love my Moxies, seriously save my legs.
Obstacle racer, Crossfit athlete
Home town: Hatton Vale Qld
Favorite race: OCR World champs or Australian Spartan races
Favorite obstacle: To many to pick just one. Love trying to get over or under anything wink emoticon
Dislike obstacle: Spear throw/electric shock 
Hot tip for newcomers: Take your time, know u can do it, ask how if you’re not sure, and never give up. You may not get it this time round but u will next time knowing what u have learnt.

Laura Newton - Obstacle racer, Crossfit athlete
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